Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend

We had some beautiful weather over Mother's Day weekend, so we spent a lot of time outside.

Livvie is still not a fan of the grass. We also learned that she is not a fan of keeping a hat on her head. Ben never minded.

Ben wanted to help me plant some flowers I'd purchased. He put on this hat and his rain boots and told me this is his gardening outfit.

On Mother's Day, we had Nana, Papa, and Brad over for dinner. While we waited for dinnertime, we played in the yard. Since Liv can't walk and won't sit in the grass, I brought out all the push toys. But they didn't push very well in the grass.

Who knew she was strong enough to push this car. She loved it!

The boys played a little baseball.

Liv kept trying to crawl in this side, even though there is a door on the other side. She just didn't want to use that door.

Ben is a sweet brother and pushed Liv around the yard in the firetruck for a long time. Bless him. Because Mom wasn't feeling well and it saved me a lot of effort.


I forgot to get a picture with the kids to commemerate Mother's Day until right before bed, so here we all are in our PJs.

(I have no idea why it looks like Ben is wearing lipstick. Perhaps he had a popsicle just before this picture?)


  1. so cute pushing the car. you have some darling children...they take after their Granny, right? hehehe

  2. I love the gardening outfit. It's important to have the right accessories for the job!

  3. aww at least there is a photo of you this time!!! :) hope you are feeling better!!!

  4. Very cute! No fun you weren't feeling well on Mother's Day, but I hope you're feeling better now!