Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Gallery Walls

I started putting up a gallery wall in our dining room a long time ago. Like, a LONG time ago. Late summer/early fall, I believe.

I finally *finished* it. And by finished, I mean all the frames that are hanging now have pictures in them and it is mostly symmetrical. I think a few frames might be needed toward the bottom, and I know I want to swap out some pictures down the road. We don't have any pictures of Brad, for instance. But I'm guessing his wedding in June will be a good opportunity to get a few of those. Until then, I put in some others and am calling it "done."

A close up of the right side:

A close up of the left side:

Strangely, I had almost all of these frames already. For whatever reason, I am a frame hoarder. Most of them are from inexpensive places like Ikea and Target. I did buy a few more to fill in some gaps, but I don't think I spent more than about $40 total. Considering what frames can cost, I think that is pretty good. I also already had many of the pictures printed, and the rest I just printed on photo paper using our home printer. They are good enough for me. I honestly can't really tell the difference between the professionally printed ones and the self-printed ones once they are in the frame.

Clearly our dining room, still needs a lot of work. New table and chairs, or at least a coat of paint so that what we do have matches. A hutch or buffet for the other wall. Paint that chair rail white. The list goes on...

And of course I couldn't just leave well enough alone. The play room is directly across from the dining room, and its huge blank wall was crying for some love. So I decided an art print gallery wall might be the way to go, hoping it would add symmetry to the two rooms. I don't know if it did that or not. But it filled the wall.

The map was in Ben's room but had to come down when we added a shelf to his room. The yellow bee print is one that Mom got at a garage sale for Livs room; the color wasn't right in there but in the free-for-all play room, it works. The numbers print and green floral ones I already had. And the "eat you up" monster print was $5 on Etsy. The other one was a free print. I still have three blank frames in here, so I need to finish it up. But you get the idea...


  1. Reading that you had space to hoard all those frames really makes me wish we had a basement.

    1. And yet they were all stored in our office. This project definitely helped clear out that space!

  2. woo hoo! finished! congrats!!!!!!! the playroom one looks good too.
    I never have frames, ever!!!! i have to go to goodwill and buy them if I ever need them, it's just never something i buy. I suppose I hoard other things. anyhow, congrats!

  3. Looks good. Glad you found the Bee a space. You took so long to get this done, the trend will probably reverse now and you'll want to take them down! Our walls are still blank, but with the pictures on the floor leaned against the wall to show I do think I might get round to putting it there...the old "someday I'll..."

  4. Ha, I just added to our gallery wall that goes up our staircase today, so I can relate! It looks awesome! It funny how with a house, the list never ever ends!