Saturday, December 7, 2013

Happy 9 Months, Livvie Lu! (and New Christmas Jammies)

Livvie is 9 months old today. (And Jenn is 40. Happy birthday, Jenn!)

We had a busy day with Ben's first holiday program (more on that in another post), house work, and a few errands.

After we were home and settled in for the night, I got the kids into their new Christmas jammies and tried to get a decent photo. As usual, they are not great, but they are entertaining. And they certainly capture this crazy bunch.

Ben likes to put Liv in front of him, but I think she's getting too big. You can barely see his face as he tries to look over her head.

Checking out the twinkle lights.

I love this one. Ben is looking at Mike with such an adoring expression (very rare for these two, who are like oil and water most times; though they do have a great time together playing and being crazy).

Daddy's girl. She's got him right where she wants him -- wrapped around her little finger.

This is the best of the bunch. Mike with a real smile, Ben loving on his Daddy, and Liv just having a great time being in on the party.

This one is SO Livvie. She loves to grab, pull, and slap (innocently, of course).

We are all looking at the camera -- that's a win right there!

Then it goes downhill fast...

Next, I turned on the singing snowman and dog. I believe their great-grandparents (Bill's parents) gave this to Ben a few years ago. They both love it. Liv kept grabbing it, so Ben would move it a few feet away. Liv would scoot after it, and Ben would move it again. It kept these two busy for a while, at least.

Anyway, I can't believe Liv is 9 months old. I know I say this every month, but the time just flies so fast. Since her 8 month post, not much has changed in terms of her habits. She is eating "lunch" at school. She loves table food. She especially LOVES mac & cheese. We gave her some of Ben's at Panera Bread last weekend, and she could NOT get enough. She opens her mouth like a little bird when you hold food up to her. But she does very well grabbing it and feeding herself too.

She is still a great sleeper. She goes down about 7:30 or 8 and sleeps until about 6:45, when I get her up for daycare. She is still a great self-soother. I can carry her to her room wide awake and upright, pop into Ben's room to say goodnight, then place her in her crib, and she will lie down and go to sleep without a peep. It is truly amazing. Ben was a great sleeper, but never a great self-soother. I remember rocking him to sleep and then carrying him as slowly and quietly as possible to his crib, just praying he would not wake up and start crying. So I'm super grateful for Liv's self-soothing ways.

She is still a terrible diaper changee. I won't lie. I dread changing her diaper and getting her dressed or in her jammies. She fights it. She flips over again and again. She cries. She fusses. It's awful. Now some days are better than others, but it is never easy. Especially when she poops. There is pretty much NO way not to get poop on something.

And on that note, I'll sign off.

We love you, Livvie Lu, you crazy-sweet girl!

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  1. loved all the pictures. Liv is really getting to be a little girl, not a baby so much any more. On the TV they discussed that messy eating babies tested out as smarter than non-messy eaters. So that made me think back to your post on how messy Liv was when eating...think she must be Einstein???