Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Day

Ben was beat from a busy Christmas Eve, but he was still up at 6:30 Christmas Day to see what Santa brought. Seeing his excitement when he looked over the railing down at the tree and saw his bicycle from Santa was priceless. It made it all worth it.

He immediately wanted to put on his new Spiderman helmet and give his bike a try.

He kept the helmet on all morning. After the bike excitement, he noticed that Santa had sampled our cookies and milk. Dee had noticed way before Ben. ;-)

Liv seemed pleased with her new PB Anywhere chair. Ben got one from Santa at his first Christmas, and Santa was nice enough to bring one for Liv too.

We got Livvie this little Minnie ride-on airplane. But Ben commandeered it immediately and has been riding it around ever since. It makes no difference to him that it is pink and meant for a 12 month old.

Then we opened the rest of the presents. These kids are extremely fortunate (spoiled), and got a ton of awesome gifts for Christmas.

I opened Olivia's gifts for her. She was happy to sit with Grammy and Grampy and watch Ben, while Grampy tickled her. I did put on one of her new hair clips - a gift from her cousin. Red, very festive.

Later, Ben pulled his PB chair into the family room to put it by Liv's and asked me to put her in it with him. So cute. Had to get a picture of that!

Here Ben is pretending to be Santa...wearing his new Spiderman helmet and backpack, with his batman boots (like Santa, he told me) and his green bag around his neck (like Santa's sack), riding Liv's ride-on toy to deliver presents. What a character. Love this crazy kid!

That afternoon, Nana, Papa, Brad, and Denise joined us for dinner. Here is my best attempt at getting everyone in the photo. You can barely make out Olivia next to Grammy, but she is there, shoving food her in mouth, no doubt.

Ben was wired and acting crazy. Brad got to deal with that, since Ben chose a seat between Brad and Nana.

Crazy girl!

Crazy boy. This face is SO Ben. Glad I got a picture of it.

Crazy Dad.

Crazy dog. Begging, of course.

Then we opened more presents... Our house is overflowing. Time for a playroom purge.

Olivia is always very interested in what Ben is up to.


I'm hoping to be recovered by Christmas 2014.


  1. that is just eerie how much mike and his bro look alike!
    the kids are too cute in their chairs.
    looks like fun. a new bike, lucky kid.

  2. your first picture of Liv with the xmas bag is so perfect. the snow coming down outside and the slightly out of focus tree in the background are perfect. Miss you all already. Next time Grampy will have to comb his hair before coming down stairs.

  3. Whoops! I didn't know my hair was such a mess! Oh well, best Christmas ever. Kids, Christmas presents spread all over the house, good food, and snow (if only I could keep from slipping on the ice). Now if I can just do something about my hair.