Sunday, December 1, 2013

Christmas Decorating

Before we even had all the Thanksgiving mess cleaned up Friday morning, Ben was asking to put up the Christmas tree. It is tradition to put up the tree and decorations the day after Thanksgiving, and Ben was ultra eager this year.

So once I had Thanksgiving packed away, we pulled out Christmas.

Livvie was very interested in all our Christmas books.

Ben put all the ornaments on the tree himself. So the front of the tree from the bottom to about half way up is very decked out. Mike helped him put a few ornaments up a little higher.

Then it was time to put the tree topper up. He was very excited, because it meant he got to stand on the ladder. He was still a little short (we have a 9' tree), so Mike climbed up with him and held him up.

I kept Livvie busy in her pack n play. We never put her in here, but she didn't seem to mind. I put the reindeer hat in there to entertain her. Mom got this for Ben last year, and it is a hit.

We spent the rest of the morning decorating and eating leftovers. We are all still in our pajamas at 3 p.m. The kids are both napping (at the same time!), and I'm really enjoying this quiet, relaxing day at home with the family. I wish every day were like this!


  1. I got my same hat out the other day and discovered there wasn't a battery in it. The battery goes in the top of the hat in the inside in case you need to replace it. Love how it sings and wiggles the horns around. good buys!

  2. Awe, such a fun time with the kids! Cam never got dressed on Thanksgiving or this past Sunday... that's how we roll around here! Best part? One less thing to do at night!