Thursday, November 7, 2013

House Projects

I never post much about the projects I do around the house, because I feel like people might not care. But then I realized that I love seeing what my family and friends have been up to around their houses, so I thought why not? Here are a few projects I did over the summer and early fall.

1. Mom bought this cute little shelf at a garage sale when she was visiting to help with Livvie's arrival. I told her I didn't want it, but it wouldn't fit in her overloaded car when she headed home, so it sat in our garage. I was cleaning out the garage and thought it might look good in the playroom.

I can't find the "before" photo, but it was basically very old-fashioned dark wood, with some wear and tear. I spray painted it with some leftover blue spray paint it and put it up high, where I can keep art supplies and bubbles away from little hands. It also now houses our fish food and such, so Ben can't feed the fish whenever the mood strikes him. It isn't decorated super cute here, but it is a nice functional little piece. Thanks Mom!

2. I finally got the maps hung up above Ben's bed. His room is 99% done. His bed is 0% made. *Typical.*

3. Mom and I spotted this set at a garage sale. We have a set from Ikea, but it is made of cheap plastic and Mike has broken a chair or two trying to sit in them. These are taller (good for Ben, not so much when Liv is ready to sit) and very sturdy. For $15, it was a steal. Except she could only find 3 chairs. I figure I like mix-and-match anyway, so I'll scoop up another chair or two if I see something cute. The Before:

And After. Ben chose the colors for the chairs. I already had the green spray paint from another project, and the white paint, so it was a cheap update.

4. Lesli had these cute "hello" letters and didn't need them, so she gave them to me. The mustard yellow looks nice against the slate blue door.

5. I've had this little shelf in our office forever. Since my first apartment right out of college, I believe. Just your standard Target dark stained shelf. But I wanted my office to be happy, and the color scheme is blue/green, so I slapped on some paint and it is SO much better.

6. I bought this new rug for the entry way a while ago. The navy goes much better with the blue/gray paint we've been adding. And I love navy. And this pattern. It was a super cheap rug at during one of their 50% off sales.

7. One of my works-in-progress is the fireplace wall. The previous owners had a ragroll type look going on, which I've always hated. But the ceilings are high so I never got around to painting it. I decided to throw up some test colors about a month ago. It still looks like this. The lighter color is the same as the one in Ben's room (BM's Coventry Gray) and the darker one is the same as the kitchen. I'm leaning toward the one in the kitchen for cohesion downstairs (plus Mike says he HATES the lighter one). But I go back and forth. Thoughts? I know it is really hard to tell much from this crappy picture.

I moved Liv's swing down to the basement at least a month ago, so you know this paint job needs to get moved up on the priority list!


  1. haha. I was loving the light color with the brick and natural wood, so I cracked up when I read Mike hates it. My opine is that if you keep the mantle natural wood, a lighter blue/gray will enhance the wood. If you go with a dark shade, painting the mantle a creamy white would be so much better. You could add pops (hate this phrase) of creamy white in pillows like your sweater pillow and throws, etc.

    I was wowed by how much better the wood table and chairs set looks with some cheerful paint on it. I will keep an eye out for a compatible chair for the set (something a little feminine for Liv?) as I see them all the time in my excursions in the neighborhood.

    You've got me inspired to work on our walls. But first I have to finish up the 13 projects going on now.

  2. I am with Mike, I like the darker better, but I agree with mom on painting the mantle "creamy white" or maybe the lighter color, although if you use the fireplace a lot that could get sooty easily. I loooooove seeing the pics of the projects and around the house.