Monday, November 4, 2013

Finger Foods

A little while ago we put Liv in her high chair, but she was not a fan, so we stuck with the bumbo.

She is eating finger foods these days. You know, the baby puffs and yogurt melts and teething biscuits that dissolve quickly. Big fan. She loves to shove stuff in her mouth. The fact that it tastes good is quite a bonus.

She loves her fruits and veggies too. But she is a HUGE mess when we feed her in the bumbo. She requires a bath every time. Such a hassle!

But then I thought I'd try the high chair again, and lo and behold--much better! She loves to sit in it and eat her finger foods. Yay!

She's pretty good at picking them up. Getting them to her mouth, not so much. I find about half of them stuck to her pants or high chair.

And if she can't find cereal, she's happy to eat a book.

But she eats MUCH neater in here. I'm not forced to give her a bath after every meal, which is so nice. My baby is such a BIG girl!

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  1. Almost 8 months. my how time goes by! Love the pictures, the messier the better.