Thursday, November 7, 2013

Happy 8 Months, Livvie Lu!

Livvie Bean is 8 months old today. She is as sweet and crazy as ever.

Her hair was getting so long, and her bangs were always in her eyes, so I tried to do a little trim of her bangs, but she is so crazy and unable to hold still that I accidentally cut off too much, so then I had to even it out. It looks awful. The bangs are way too short and it is not very even. Plus, she has Ben's hairline, which means thin hair on the sides in front. Not a good look. Especially on a girl. Let's hope it grows back quickly!

I tried to use bows and headbands when I can.

Liv is experimenting with table foods these days, and in addition to that, she usually has 5 or 6 5 oz. bottles, plus cereal and fruit in the morning, cereal and a veggie in the afternoon, and a "dinner" jar and yogurt in the evening.

She is still not crawling and gets mad when we put her on her hands and knees to try. I assume she'll do it when she's ready, but she is the last one her age at daycare who is not crawling, so they are working on it with her every day.

She falls asleep between 7:30 and 8, and is sleeping through the night. I sometimes have to wake her at 6:45 to go to school. Some mornings I find her awake, just hanging out in her crib. Around 5 a.m. she often wakes up and talks to herself, then goes back to sleep. She is a great self-soother and a great sleeper. Such a good girl!

She still adores Ben and loves to watch Dee run around. She loves to be held and carried around. She will laugh out loud if you dance with her or bounce her.

I'll leave you with a video of her "hitting herself, Mike, and Ben." This is a big game in our house. Probably not teaching them the best behavior. ;-)

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  1. Hoping she doesn't pull hair at school. Don't worry if she's not interested in crawling. She will when she wants to. But, you might buy her something she likes that is really colorful that will attract her attention and then put it on the floor close by her, but far enough that she sees it and goes for her. Ah yes, bribery. where would we be without it? If you do that several times, she will learn to make a bee line for it.