Friday, July 12, 2013

This Can't Be Comfortable

Olivia likes to contort herself into what I'd consider to be uncomfortable positions when she sleeps. The other morning she fell asleep in our bed after having one of her 4:30 a.m. bottles and eventually worked herself into this position.

The back of her head is almost touching her back. I didn't know that was physically possible, let alone a preferred sleeping position. I assume she likes these crazy positions due to her laryngomalacia, but she might just be weird. :-)

Once she was up, I got a few pictures of her in her crib, just because. She was so smiley and cuddly and happy. I love this kid!

Here I'm trying to pry her fist out of her mouth, and she's fighting me for it. That tounge is trying hard to keep contact.


  1. Who could resist those eyes and that smile? The fist one is pretty funny, though- definitely one to pull out and bribe her with when she's older.

  2. she is such a pretty baby it makes sense her hair would be a little crazy. Too much perfection in one person would make every else jealous!