Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Rice Cereal

At Olivia's four month well visit, her doctor said to go ahead and start her on the rice cereal and that we can go ahead and move to jars as soon as she's got the hang of eating. I think it will be a while...

Here she is ready to give it a go.

 First bite!

 Not a fan. Not that she'd really know. She never did swallow a bite.

 Daddy gave it a try. Still no dice.

But she did manage to knock both the bowl and the spoon off her tray. I guess she was done.

Here's a quick video of her efforts.

It brought back memories of Ben's first attempt. His doctor back then told us to wait until 5 months, so he is a little older. But the results were about the same.

We keep trying, but still no luck. Tonight she didn't swallow any, but she was certainly interested in the spoon.

What a mess!

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  1. I'd get some baby applesauce and mix a little in with the cereal. She might eat it if it were a little tastier.