Thursday, July 11, 2013


I don't usually post about stuff other than the kids, but this project is kid-related so I'm blogging about it.

When Mom, Liv, and I went to IKEA, I almost bought a chalkboard/white board for the kids. I look at it every time I'm there, put it in the cart, then put it back. It is not expensive, maybe $12, but I am never sure if Ben will enjoy using it or if it will just be one more thing taking up space.

Well, fast-forward a week or so later, and Mom was out garage saling when she came across this:

For only $4, she figured it was worth a shot. It definitely needed some love, and I finally got around to giving it some.

I painted it with some leftover apple green paint, covered the beat up green chalk board with some chalk board paint I already had, and added storage for the chalk and markers using some S hooks and an IKEA basket that I bought years ago and never used.

When we got home from school, Ben spotted it right away and quickly got to work.

Mike helped him write his and Liv's names.

Then he drew his own "fish."

The fish is that green squiggle at the top, if you weren't sure.

I'm really happy to finally have this project finished up and I'm thrilled that Ben actually seems to really like it. Thanks again, Mom. Good find!


  1. YAY me! I think I actually got it for $3.00
    Not my savvy dealing, the woman just offered a discount and you know I wouldn't say no! Glad Ben liked it.

  2. Wow. Super cute. I've been wanting an easel for Lily but all the ones I've seen are hideous plastic primary colored monstrosities. That's super cute!

  3. Very crafty! Too bad we don't live close, I just gave away our Ikea easel as Tuck wasn't using it anymore and we got him a desk and needed the space for it. For three bucks, though, that is awesome!