Sunday, July 7, 2013

4th of July

We were invited to my friend Lesli's house to watch the fireworks this year. They just moved into a house on a little lake with a great view of the Oswego fireworks show. So around 4 p.m. we headed over to party.

Olivia sported one of her 4th of July outfits. I inherited not 1, not 2, but 3 4th of July outfits for her in 3-6 month size.

I snapped a few pictures of the kids before we headed off.

Love Olivia's startled/confused expression in this one.

At Lesli's house, I snapped a few more pictures before Ben was covered in food and dirt and unwilling to sit still.

Then a few of him and Lesli's daughter, Adelaide. Or we can call her Ben's future wife? Haha. These two are so cute together.

Lesli tried to get a picture of me and Liv, but as usual, it never works out. She was too tired and wouldn't cooperate.

Random: This snake was living in the front yard. Lesli's husband Mark finally caught and killed it, but it floated up to the bank by their house. Yikes!

The kids are ready for a paddle boat ride. But maybe more interested in their popsicles.

Mike got a little fishing in too. He caught two that day. He also did a little kayaking, but I don't have any pictures. I was inside feeding Olivia and getting her to sleep. There were too many mosquitoes to keep her outside. So she stayed inside and slept through the entire fireworks show.

Getting ready for fireworks.

This one kills me. I got the kid glow sticks. Ben is putting his on his ankle, Adelaide is looking through hers, and Oliver is trying to eat his. Pretty spot on with these kids.

Ben hears the first firework!

Happy 4th of July!



  2. what a bunch of cuties. and, happy birthday to Livvie today! Four months old today...yay!!!

  3. aww! send me these pics! so cute! and i sent you pics of mike kayaking!! and ones of his fish!!!

  4. also your kids look so cute in that one on the couch...both are smiling!