Sunday, December 11, 2011


Ben has started talking a lot more now, especially repeating things, and with that comes some humorous moments:

- We often tell Dee she is a "good girl." Ben likes to do the same. Yesterday while he was sitting next to me playing, out of nowhere he pats my shoulder and says "Good girl, Mama, good girl."

- This morning Mike put Ben in the car and I came out a minute later. As I was getting in the car, Ben said "Mama!" I responded with "Hi, Babe." To which he told me "Hi, Babe." Then, when Mike got in the car, he said "Hi, Babe" to him.

- At breakfast Ben was making his "stinker face." Mike imitated his face and said to Ben "who am I?" Ben looked at him like he was silly and shouted "Dada!" (in a tone that implied that this was the more obvious question yet).

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  1. I can't wait to hear him talking more and have a conversation. Really looking forward to cookie baking.