Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Cookies

Tonight Ben and I tried our hand at decorating some Christmas cookies. We had a blast, but the finished product...well, Martha Stewart we are not.

I baked the cookies while he was napping. They didn't keep their shape very well, so we weren't starting off on the best foot anyway.

But we forged ahead with the decorating. I thought I'd handle the frosting and Ben could man the sprinkles.

That went well for a little while. Until he conned me into taking the entire top off. Then this happened...

 And, surprisingly, my non-sweets eater was quite smitten with the frosting.

Our finished product:

Yeah, once Ben dumped the sprinkles and discovered he could eat the frosting, the cookies were doomed.

A few videos of the "decorating":

In this one you can see how the sprinkles met their end. He also says Jaimee's name when I ask him who we are going to see in Texas despite being a little distracted. He LOVES to say Jaimee's name. He says it at least a few times a day.

In this one he does a taste test.

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  1. Oh, man. That's cute. We can bake in Texas and he can just sit there eating sprinkles and saying my name all he wants.