Sunday, December 4, 2011

Mommy's Helper

When I was talking to Mom after Thanksgiving, I mentioned that I'd made turkey cupcakes. She asked how Ben liked making them, and she was surprised when I told her I made them after he went to bed. Honestly, I'd never considered letting Ben help with baking. But I got to thinking...why not? Maybe he'd like it. Well, he did!

Tonight we made some oatmeal chocolate chippers for Dada.

Ben was an excellent assistant, helping me pour in the ingredients like a pro. A pro, I tell you. Pay no attention to the egg and oatmeal spills all over his pants. :-)

But when the chocolate chips came out, Ben found his niche. He LOVED scooping out the chocolate chips and putting them in the mixing bowl. He was extremely focused on this task. He did stop to taste the chocolate chips at one point, made a face, and spit them out. This one is not a sweets-eater. Go figure.

Here is a video of him hard at work. (And as usual, he was talking up a storm until the camera came out. Then, it's like pulling teeth getting him to say anything.)


  1. Cute, cute, cute. Lily LOVES to help me cook. She likes to help with anything at all that I make, but baking is her favorite. (Shocker.) It's actually kind of nice, because now instead of wondering what I should do to keep her occupied while I cook, I just plop her on the kitchen counter in her apron and she's happy as a clam.

  2. For a kid who only perked up when the crackers and olives came out, I am surprised that you are shocked that your own child doesn't like sweets.

    I love the way he methodically scoops with the teaspoon and dumps with the cup...a future scientist for sure!