Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Holding Hands

On our way into breakfast at Egg Harbor with Meg, Ed, and Scarlett, Ben and Scarlett decided to hold hands.

Only they were holding the wrong hands, so Ben had to follow behind Scarlett the entire time. But he did not mind. In fact, he was pleased as could be. I figure this is good training for later in life.

It was so much fun, they decided to hold hands on the way out of the restaurant too. Only this time they grabbed the correct hands and Ben didn't have to follow behind.

How cute are they?

At one point they were running together while holding hands, which was totally adorable. I tried to get a video of that, but they didn't run again. The video is still cute though. Ben kept laughing out of nowhere. I guess he just loves his buddy Scarlett.


  1. They are super cute! My favorite part was when he just busted out with the giggle.

  2. You can always tell when Ben is happy. It seems like he can hardly contain himself when things are going right in his world.