Sunday, March 13, 2011

Social Butterfly

Another weekend, another party. Today was Riley's 4th birthday party, and Ben loves a good party! It is hard to believe that the very first birthday party Ben attended was Riley's 3rd birthday. It seems like so long ago. Here he is back then, just a few weeks old.

And here he is this year at Lil Monkey Bizness, a kid's playland. Ben had a great time.

I'm not sure which he liked more: the playing, the pizza, or the cake? It's a toss up.
He was not content to eat the small peices I cut up for him. He wanted to hold the slice for himself.

Same goes for the cupcake. He didn't want me feeding it to him, he wanted to get his hands in there. He does love to share though. Here he is offering up a bite out of his hands. Mmmm.

After the party for the kids at Lil Monkey Bizness, we headed back to Kim's house for more paryting with the family. You can see Ben in the background being held by Hannah (Cheryl's stepdaughter) as they sing happy birthday to Riley.

He wore the hat around stoically for quite a while, but at this point he decided he was done with said hat.

At that point the party was winding down, and it was time to go. It was a long day and Ben was ready for a nap.


  1. Unrelated . . . your hair looks so sleek and shiny.