Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Party, Party, Party

Sunday was Ben's friend Sarina's 1st birthday party at Kid City, a kiddie playland place with different themed rooms.

Ben immediately honed in on the little trucks, a favorite of his.

Then he spotted the big cars, and we were both forced to push him around in one for longer than I care to remember.
Next he wandered into the theatre area, and he just loved these little chairs. He kept climbing on and off, on and off...

Next it was the Botique. He really dug this room, much to Mike's dismay. He likes to push chairs around, so this room was a big hit.

He took a quick break from playing to eat some pizza.

And some cake and ice cream, which he loved. I tried to even it out with a little fruit/veggie baby food. (Note to self, it works better when you take the lid off. JK!)

Then it was back to playing. Here Ben and Mike are with our friend Ed and his daughter, Scarlett.

Here he is either trying to high-five Scarlett or hit her in the head. Not sure which.

Scarlett tries to gets her revenge.

A quick minute for a cuddle! (Yep, that's pizza sauce on my shirt. Thanks Ben!)

Here Ben and I are with Meg and Scarlett... You can tell from Scarlett's expression that the party was winding down and it was about time to go.

Here Ben is saying goodbye to Uncle Ed. Such a sweet, loving child, that Ben.

He did get a kiss goodbye from Scarlett though. Aw...

Crazy baby! He was pretty much done at this point.

But a good time was had by all!


  1. I have two comments:

    1. Mike and Brad are starting to look more and more like each other. Or maybe it's just the facial hair? In of these shots I thought it was Brad.

    2. That color green looks very fetching on you.

  2. diddo and diddo...and Ben is a cutie. I love that he likes to move that furniture around. He's a real asset in my books.