Monday, March 7, 2011

Birthday Party - Take 1 (Or, Crappiest Collection of Pictures. Ever.)

I apologize in advance for the crappiest pictures ever. And the fact that it took me 2 weeks to post them. Shamefully, these are the only pictures I got of Ben's birthday party. Sad, but true.

Here are Ben and Dad with Denise (Brad's girlfriend) doing a high-five.

And here they are practicing their coy expressions, for when they want to get out of trouble. I think Ben and Denise have it down. Mike, not so much.

And here Ben is getting a ride on Dad's shoulders, a favorite of his.

Here is Riley giving Ben a pat on the head. He must have been a good boy.

Here is the pile of presents for Ben. Out. Of. Control. There are presents hiding under the table as well. (Side note: How on Earth did I manage to get a picture of the presents, but not one single picture of him actually opening a present. Woe is me.)

Here is a close-up of the birthday boy. Terrible shot, but at least you can see his party day shirt.
Ben and Sarina had fun playing together. She is 2 weeks younger but a few inches taller. Luckily in this one she is sitting, so you can't see how short Ben looks in comparison.

This picture just makes me laugh. Ben's expression closely resembles mine when I realized that I had only these crap pictures of my first and only child's first birthday.
Hey, I might not have taken a single picture of the cake, the presents, or me with Ben. But at least I got this one, showing how Dee spent her evening. And what a mess our kitchen was. Thank god I captured those memories.
Here is one of Ben looking happy with himself. No idea what was happening here. Either I just don't remember, or someone else took the picture with my camera. The entire day is a blur, really.

So that is that. Not one picture of the cake, not one picture of me with Ben, not one picture of Ben opening presents. What the heck? All I can say is there were almost 30 people in our house, and I was busy. And I misplaced my camera for a good deal of the party.
Anyway, Brad got some pictures, which he is going to send me soon. I will share them when I get them. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoyed these crappy pics. :-)


  1. love, love, love the pouty lip ones. and my girl Dee...she is so very in your face about her food, that's why I love her so.

  2. No picture of Ben is crappy. You did a great job, Jaysa! Wish we could have been there. I liked the last one. He had the look of a 1 year old who is about to pounce on one of his presents!