Saturday, March 26, 2011

Birthday Party - Take 2

Brad sent me pictures of Ben's birthday party. Still no great ones of me and Ben, but at least there are a few of the cake, opening gifts, etc.

Here is his cake -- a giant cupcake. It is hard to tell from the photo, but that is not a blue wrapper, it is frosting. It was delicious too!

Ben is anxious to get his hands on the cake!

And so we let him loose with the smash cake.

He had a good time with it!

Here he looks like he is afraid he is going to be in trouble for the mess.

Here Mama, have a taste...

Here is the only decent picture of me and Ben...and you can't see my face. Some might say this is what makes it decent.

Then it was time for presents. He got a kick out of climbing on all the big boxes.

And playing with the tissue paper.

And here he is taking a break from gift-opening to play with his favorite ride-on truck.

All that excitement left Ben pretty wiped out. When he is ready for bed, he walks to the stairs and shakes the baby gate to let us know it is time to go up. I guess Ben has already figured out not to stay too long at the party!


  1. his going to bed on his own is so you. You would ask to go to bed by saying "I don't have to go to bed (or take a nap), do I?" over and over until we finally said "yes, you do." Then you would smile and say "OK!" Seems like he partys like Daddy, but crashes like Mommy. I love the picture of him looking at you even if we couldn't see your face.

  2. Looks like a fun day! Connor got the same fire truck for his birthday. I'm glad to report the batteries are dead!

  3. He sure does look like a happy go lucky guy. Great minds think alike on the cake, we had almost the same one when we had a little party for Tucker in Sonoma last summer...

  4. Yes, thankfully he is usually pretty happy-go-lucky. He does have his moments though. Like any time you try to change his diaper or get him dressed. He does not care for being forced to sit still and is quite vocal about his feelings on the matter.

    Somehow I missed that blog post on Tuckers's birthday last year. You are right, great minds do think alike!