Sunday, March 20, 2011


Every morning when Ben gets up, I heat him up a few mini pancakes to eat before day care. Day care gives him his fruit and cereal at 8:00 a.m., but I like him to have something in his stomach until then. He LOVES pancakes. When he sees the package he "dances" (which is just sort of bopping up and down at this point) and points at them.

This morning he insisted on having both pancakes at once, and then wandered off with one in each hand.

He likes to stuff the entire pancake in his mouth at once sometimes.

Here he debates the merits of the pacifier v. the pancake.

It was a close race, but the pancake was the winner.


  1. That's pretty cute. Lily likes to start each day with a blueberry NutriGrain waffle, toasted, cut up into pieces, and placed in a Ziploc bag for ease of transport. Funny how much they love their morning routines.

  2. he is so cute trying to decide which is more important. he must take after Daddy since he picked the food! Can't wait to see him.