Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Hair Cuts

Ben was in pretty desperate need of a hair cut, and I was really getting desperate when it comes to Liv's hair. Her curls are just not something I'm qualified to handle. I researched and got her a line of products by Curly Q that are organic and all-natural.

They help but really her hair was just really dry and the ends were dry and knotted. I figured it was time we get her another trim to see if it would help. This is her hair before--not the best pictures but you can see it is really frizzy and all over the place.

The last time I took her in for a trim, she was NOT having it. This time she happily watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, ate her lollipop, and didn't even seem to notice the woman brushing out her tangles and cutting her hair.

Ben also got rid of his mop. Ah, so much better!

We popped into Jewel afterward, and the kids really enjoyed this cart. Nothing to do with the hair cuts, just cute. :)

Here are some pics of Liv's hair post-cut. She's not a huge fan of posing for a picture--clearly.

So lovely--hoping it looks this good after I wash and style it.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Pumpkin Carving

Although Halloween is not for another week, we opted to carve our pumpkins early. Mike has to work on Halloween (he has occasional required Saturday testing) so it worked out better to do the pumpkin caving today. Plus, this psycho wouldn't want to miss out on the fun...

And I honestly don't think I could handle both of them and the mess of pumpkins alone. The "fun" of pumpkin carving is rough on this gal.

Livvie Lu has no such qualms about the mess.

After the guts were removed, Dad and Liv made their battle plan. Liv seems to approve the plan.

Dad helped Liv with a "scary" face, per her request. I helped Ben with his. First he said he wanted a mean/mad face, but then he wanted a circle mouth to be silly, so ours is a mixed bag.

Once it got dark, we took the pumpkins out front and lit them up. Good times.

It is pretty hard to get a good pic with my iPhone. But you get the idea.

I also got this video of Liv being Liv. I know all kids go through a "me do" phase, but she takes it to a new level.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Fun Run Done

Ben had his Fun Run fundraiser on Thursday. He had a great time and ran his little heart out. :-) HUGE thanks to all of you who pledged for him!!!

Nana was off work that day, so she joined Mike and me (who both worked from home so that we could attend) to cheer Ben on.

It was chilly but not freezing (in the 50s I think). We were a little cold on the sidelines, but Ben kept himself warm using up all his energy. And boy has this kid got energy. Here he is getting ready to start the run.

They got to run onto the field through this big inflatable tunnel, which was a cute touch.

As they finished each lap, a teacher marked one lap off on the back of the shirt. Here is Ben with his own teacher, Mrs. Rainaldi, getting a lap marked off.

Here he is in action (in the red headband, which all the kids were given along with the t-shirts). I have to say, he's fast. He was lapping a lot of kids. 

After 45 minutes, the run was complete and Ben had tallied 49 laps (plus we all walked a 50th lap together.) I took a picture of his shirt after he'd run more than 35 laps, thinking he was done. But nope, he just got a drink of water and then kept running until they called time.

The kids headed back in, giving the Homestead Huskie a high-5 and stopping for a class photo.

Nana and I picked Ben up from school at 11:20 (he's half day) and took him out to lunch. I assumed he'd be ready for an early bedtime, but nope--he was "running the bases" around our ottoman at 8 p.m. that night. Oh, to have his energy!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Dawn of a New Era

Liv is finally showing an interest in television. It only holds her interest for about 10 minutes and he has to be Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but I'll take it!

I've tried TV with her a few times over the past year, but she never had any interest. In MI last weekend, I noticed she seemed interested in Mickey, so I put on an episode Friday night. She LOVED it. Now she tells us "me mickey, me mickey" and gets so excited when she wants to watch.

Here she is, deep in concentration on Sunday morning. Mike looks pretty intrigued too. Mickey is serious business, apparently. (And notice those Minnie PJs--she loves Minnie Mouse.)

Ben is a little past the Mickey stage, but he told me he'd watch for Livvie. Yet when she wandered off after 10 or 15 minutes, he stayed glued to the set. :-)

Hurray for 10 minutes of quiet while I unload the dishwasher!!!

Friday, October 9, 2015

What We've Been Up To Lately

Somehow the entire month of September slipped by me. We've been keeping pretty busy around here. Here's what we've been up to lately.

I had this great idea to take the kids mini golfing using a Groupon deal. Ben did great and loved it. 5 is a great age for mini golf. Liv, on the other hand, was a disaster. She wouldn't actually putt her ball (a purple ball of course). She just carried it in her pocket. Every time I putted, she ran after my ball and picked it up for me. Hmm, so helpful. She also insisted on carrying around a box of Jello--yes, you read that right. See it in her hand in the pic? I was cleaning out the cabinet and she spotted it, and from that point on she had to have it with her at all times. So Liv.

The next weekend we headed to the Arboretum with the Tassones to check out the Lego exhibit and play in the children's garden.

There were several Lego displays; all required thousands of Legos and hundreds of hours. Yep, these were all made of Legos.

Ben's favorite was this family of deer.

Then it was off to the children's garden.

 Liv is feeding the frog a goldfish here.

Ben also mastered his two-wheeler. One day he couldn't go two feet, the next he was officially riding solo. He still struggles a bit to stop without falling. Working on that one.

The big event of the month was Grammy and Grampy's visit. We mostly just hung out but did enjoy a trip to Brunswick Zone to ride the rides and play at the arcade. Ben and Liv both really love the rides here.

Mike and I also escaped for a few kid-free days in Lake Geneva. While we were gone, Grampy and the kids made homemade strawberry ice cream. Big hit, and tasty too.

I got my hair cut. We discussed shoulder length so I could still put it in a ponytail, but it turned out a few inches shorter--more like chin length. But I'm learning to manage it.

We ended the month (actually first weekend in October) with a trip to Grand Rapids, MI to visit Meg, Ed, and their kiddos, Scarlett and Harry. The drive up was a little rough. With Friday traffic and Liv not napping, the last hour felt like three--as you can see from Liv's expression in the photo below. But once we arrived it was a fun weekend all around.

Saturday we visited Fredrick Meijer Gardens, which had some beautiful gardens and walking trails, plus a play area for the kids.

We knew it was going to be chilly, but we were still unprepared for how cold it was. We borrowed gloves and hats for the kids from Meg's kids, which saved the day!

I borrowed this hat from Meg, which looks cute on her but is clearly not my best look. But it kept me toasty warm.

Ben climbed to the top of this hill and then was singing "We are the champions" at the top of his lungs. :-)

Liv took to Scarlett and was calling her "my Scarlett". We all had a good time hanging out and catching up. Thankfully the drive home went more smoothly and the kids both napped for an hour.

And now Halloween is right around the corner!