Tuesday, July 7, 2015


We were having dinner at BWW when one of the waitresses asked Ben and Liv if they would like some fake mustaches. Um, random but sure! I mean, how cute are they...or not?

Sunday I threw a quick coat of polish on my toes because I wanted to wear flip flops and my polish was looking BAD. I think I hadn't painted them for 3 months. Anyway, I usually don't paint them when the kids are around but we were leaving in 15 minutes, so I had no choice.

And as expected, Liv was intrigued. She watched me quickly paint mine and then asked for hers to be done. But of course! I mean, this is why I had a girl, right? :-)

Notice above that she is wearing two bandaids. She has a very old healed up scrape on her knee that she insisted on a bandaid for. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with her arm, but Ben needed a bandaid so she had to have a second one. And that piece of artwork--scribbles in her two favorite colors, purple and yellow. Or, "poypal" and "wello"

I suggested pink or purple (her fave) which she initially said yes to, but then she insisted on having the same color as I did. Which is just so sweet. So here we are:

Her little toenails are so tiny that I had a hard time getting the polish on, but eventually we did it. And she sat so nice and still for it. Such a good girl!

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