Sunday, July 19, 2015

At the Car Wash

Over the weekend we pulled out the kiddie pool again and also opened a car wash. :-)

The kids worked together very nicely to get all the cars spic and span. It looks like Ben was more the supervisor, and Liv was the worker bee. Sounds like those two.

And have I mentioned how much Liv loves Minnie Mouse. She's wearing her Minnie bathing suit and using her Minnie beach towel. 

And all is right with the world.


  1. Ben definitely is the manager type. Look at those slim legs on Livvie. She didn't get the "sturdy" ones we all seem to have, lucky for her. That suit and towel are almost as adorable as she is...almost!

    1. Yeah, she is a peanut. She's 25th percentile for height and weight. That's why that pic of her chubby knees a while back cracked me up--because she is not chubby at all. She sure is cute though. You're right, Minnie has nothing on her! :-)