Tuesday, July 21, 2015

New Favorite Restaurant

I've been eating at Noodles & Co. for years, but a long time ago (think before Ben was born) I brought it home for Mike and he said he didn't like it. So I go there on lunch breaks with friends but never with Mike. Their Pesto Cavatappi is delicious.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, when we dropped by Brad and Denise's to see Theo and say hello. They had just gotten takeout from Noodle & Co. Mike was intrigued. He has no recollection of trying it or of telling me that he didn't like it. Hmmm.... 

From the looks on the kids' faces, they aren't buying his story either.

Anyway, last weekend we decided to give Noodles & Co. a try and it was a huge hit all around. Such a big hit that Ben requested it again the next weekend.

We got Liv mac n' cheese, which is a favorite. But because Ben had buttered noodles, she wanted those. She also ate 5 meatballs!

These two! I think this is really just Mike's ploy to get some of Liv's mac n' cheese. He'd long ago inhaled his thai dish and this was an easy way to convince Liv to share hers.

Feeding themselves:

Both feeding Daddy:

Both feeding Livvie:

Ben making another crazy face and protecting us with his fork, and me laughing. Ben must be going through a growth spurt because he ate his entire bowl of noodles, and then said he was still hungry. We got him a second bowl, and he gave some to Liv and then tore into it!

Good times at Noodle & Co.!


  1. Yeah. I'm in agreement with you that Mike didn't like it. You and I had it when Livvie was born and he declined.

    1. That's right!!! Thank you, mom, for the reminder. Well, he's a convert now.

  2. Mike inhaled his food?!?! I cannot imagine!!! ;o)

  3. Oh Mike - when are you going to stop being such a food snob!??!
    You can't just eat Italian Saus-eeeeeege every day.

  4. also, i never allow myself to order the mac and cheese, but then i secretely hope the kids don't finish theirs.