Sunday, April 26, 2015

Basketball Game

Ben joined a park district basketball league, and Saturday was his first game. Mike is an assistant coach. Liv and I were excited spectators.

The game started Saturday at 9 a.m. We were the first ones there, ready to play! Ben was quite excited. It is also our week to take care of Peyton the Panda, Ben's classroom mascot, so she tagged along.

Liv was Mike's assistant on the court, until lots of kids showed up and it got too crowded for her to be safe out there, seeing as she has no concept or ducking or moving when a ball comes at her.

So we hung out on the bleachers and she entertained herself climbing.

Finally the referee arrived and we got started. It actually went a lot better than I expected, considering this is most kids first year playing and they had one practice. (That's Ben in blue blocking even though he is actually on offense, not defense.)

Mike was out there trying to keep kids on their man for defense and telling them to pass the ball. They all seem to prefer running with it (dribbling appears to be optional in their minds) and shooting, regardless of who is where. Pretty funny stuff.

Ben shot and made it. And it was actually during a rare moment when I was watching (and not wrangling Liv in) with camera ready. He shoots, he scores!!!! (He's the one in blue. ;-))

Watching her "boo boo" play.

Liv also made a new friend. A 3 year old sister of one of the opposing team's players. Liv had a good ole time with her.

And also kept lying on the dirty floor. No matter how many times I picked her up and explained that it was dirty.

Sadly, they lost by one basket--24 to 26. But it was a close game and they played really well considering their age and newness.


  1. glad to hear they actually keep score. Hearing so much about how everyone is a winner just for playing...blah, blah, blah.

    1. Actually, they don't officially keep score. But the coach's older son keeps score for them. So that is how they know. They finally "won" a game this weekend, and Ben was thrilled!