Friday, May 1, 2015


Ben has been learning about planting and gardening in daycare; they even took a field trip to Home Depot to tour their garden center and learn about plants.

With that in mind, I couldn't resist picking the kids up their very own watering cans and spray bottles to help me in the yard. Big hit! And how cute are those watering cans?!

Side note: That pot trio is filled with strawberry seeds. Last weekend, Ben had a friend over and they decided that if you plant the seeds from strawberries (that they were snacking on), you can grow strawberries. So we planted some and are experimenting.

Ben picked me this "flower" that was growing in a crack in the patio.

Liv "watered" by upending her watering can from the wrong spout and dumping it all out onto the box that the plants are sitting in rather than the plants themselves. :-)

But the real highlight for her was the spray bottle. I showed her how to do it, but she doesn't quite have the dexterity yet. That didn't stop her.

Ben sprayed down his own shirt, and then told me he had to take it off. Okie dokie.

Liv watered the weeds in the fire pit. And not the three potted flower plants right next to it.

Then I got out these cute little kits that I bought at Target where you plant seeds and watch grass grow. Sort of like a chia pet for kids. Livvie refused to leave her seeds planted. She dug out all the dirt and seeds with her hands and dumped them in this bin. She was very proud of this effort!

Ben's little grass pot is ready to sprout. Liv's not so much.

Fingers crossed that we get some good grass growth because Ben is very excited.


  1. In 10 years these pictures will be priceless.

  2. Haha, the things us parents have in mind vs. what the kids actually do! "Oh, this grass in the pot will be so cute for the kids..." as you watch Olivia pull her pot apart for whatever reason. Just gotta roll with the punches!!