Saturday, April 18, 2015

Nice Weather--Finally!

We've finally had some consistently nice weather. Mid 60s for a high. We'll take it!

Last weekend we took a long walk to the park and let the kids play.

She insists on walking with her hands in her "pock pocks" as she calls them. Always. She is also obsessed with this hoodie.

Here she looks to be calmly taking in the view. 10 seconds later she walked into the water. After repeated instructions to stop. Luckily I was right there and grabbed her before she completely soaked her shoes.

Then in the afternoon we played in the backyard. Apparently mowing is not for her. She preferred to sit on the mower and get us to push her around.

This tomboy thoroughly enjoyed playing in the mulch.

Note the dirt on her chin from when I stopped her just before she ate the mulch.

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