Monday, April 20, 2015

The Longest Days

As a mother of two young children, I think that the longest days are those when you are caring for the kids alone all. day. long. I assume this sounds easy and simple for a stay at home mom, but for a full time working mom, those days are LONG.

This weekend Mike came down with a stomach bug on Saturday afternoon. That meant that he spent most of his time like this. (Or in the bathroom, but I'll spare you those photos.)

And I spent most of my time ready to pull my hair out. Sunday may go down in history as the single longest day of my life. I think I threatened murder (myself or the kids) a few times. Seriously. Do the kids act up because they know they have you outnumbered, or are they always this crazy and it just doesn't feel so bad because you have someone to help you reign them in or take over when you need a few minutes?

Still, amid all the chaos and stress, we had some good times too. We played, we ran errands, we even picniced in the backyard before the rain moved in.

Mike even rallied and tried his best to get some fresh air.

The picnic was a great *idea* but went south fast. Liv kept standing up and stepping on her plate, kicking over her drink, etc. Dee kept begging and trying to steal food. So, typical meal at the Tammaros I guess.

After we ate, Liv started an impromptu dance party. With no music. This kid loves to shake her tail feather. You can see from these pictures that both kids have some moves. :-)

When outright begging didn't work, Dee tried the subtle approach of staring a hole through me. "Put down the turkey and no one gets hurt."

Then we moved to Liv's favorite activity these days--walking around the firepit. Yesterday I took her around this so many times I got dizzy. Daddy helped me out and gave her a few spins today. At this age, Ben also LOVED this. And you can see that at 5 he still likes it pretty well; though he doesn't have to hold hands anymore. #babygrowingupfast

I'm happy to report that it is 8 pm, both kids are in bed, and everyone is still breathing. #success


  1. Also, I remember the single mom days. They are the reason I have a membership to the zoo, the aquarium, the botanical garden, and the children's science museum.

  2. I think it's sometimes harder when the other person is physically in the house but not able to help!