Sunday, January 19, 2014

What's Livvie Up To?

We were putting Olivia in her PJs the other night, and she was so squirmy and difficult, we gave up and let her get down to crawl around in just her diaper and socks. A good look, for sure.

These pictures so capture Livvie's personality, I wanted to post them so I can look back and remember.

A huge grin and my slipper. She loves to play with my slippers. She steals them off my feet and heads off. Stinker!

Clapping for herself. She gets so excited sometimes when Ben and Dee are playing, and starts clapping and shouting. So adorable. She just loves to be part of the action, even if she is just watching.

This is her mischievous face. She was headed toward Dee's bowls (another favorite of hers), when I told her no. She turned around and gave me this face. But I'll give her this, she knows the word "NO" and she listens. Which is more than I can say for another child when he was around this age...

And look at that belly! Speaking of, I forgot to post about it, but she was actually 75% for height and 46% for weight at her 9 month appointment. At her 6 month check-up, she was only 50% for height and 35% for weight, so she is catching up!

Clapping again. We yell "Yay Livvie" and she just lights up and claps.

LOVES: blueberries, raspberries, and ground beef; playing with any toy that is Ben's; being held and carried around.

HATES: diaper changes and getting dressed. She still fights us like the devil on this. Sometimes, I just want to cry it is so frustrating. You think I'm joking--you come try it!

She still goes to bed around 7:30 and wakes up at around 6:30. She takes a couple hourish naps at daycare, but she naps great at home. She is currently in the habit of wanting a nap about an hour and a half after she wakes up (which is maybe an hour long), and then she always takes a good afternoon nap (2 to 3 hours). And you can still take her up to her crib wide awake and just lay her down, and she goes to sleep without a peep. What an angel!

She's drinking about 5 to 6 bottles a day of about 6 oz. each. She is doing very well with table food but atrociously with the sippy cup. ;-)

Love you, baby girl!


  1. We just watched the Christmas videos today and laughed our heads off at the one where you and I are both working furiously to get her changed and you're wearing the moose hat and singing and dancing to distract her so we can get her clothes on. Good times, good times.

    1. Not one of my finest moments. But entertaining. We were a good team!