Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Dancing Fool

Lately, Ben's been really into dance parties. We watched the videos of Lily dancing several times, so maybe that sparked his interest. The other night he carried my ipod to me and asked if I could turn it on and dance with him. Who could resist that?

Here are his moves. The video is a little long, but if you are patient, Ben's "slow dance moves" are pretty cute.


  1. those slow moves were really something. I was afraid we were going to see another "face into the wall" ending like cousin Lily performed, so was happy to see he was still smiling at the end.

    1. Perhaps I should have prefaced this video with the fact that it does not compare to Lily's big finish in her dance video -- I have not laughed harder in a long time.

  2. Lily really loves Ben's twirls, but I favor his slow dancing. Very fancy.

  3. The slow clap was my favorite of Ben's dance moves. I think that one will be sweeping dance floors nationwide.

  4. The slow moves are hands down the best, loved them! He definitely took "slow moves" literally!