Friday, June 28, 2013

Liv's First Day of School

Today ended Liv's second week in daycare. It feels like longer than two weeks ago when I look at these pictures. Time is certainly flying these days.

Her first day started out with Ben (who was up around 5:30) helping me get Liv up since we heard her stirring. She loves to sleep with an arm thrown over her like this. You'll find her in this position 90% of the time you go to get her up.

We got her fed and dressed, then she hung out in her bouncer while I got Ben ready.

Ben asked to wear his Big Brother shirt on her first day. So sweet! I packed up his breakfast to eat at daycare but he asked for a snack of crackers before we left the house.

It is shocking how much crap we need just to get out the door. Liv's bag with extra clothes, diapers, wipes, and a blanket; Ben's bag with his stuffed animals and blanket; Liv's bottle bag - we take in 4 5 oz bottles and that seems to be working well ; Ben's lunch bag with his breakfast in it - daycare provides snacks and lunch; and my purse and lunch bag. And on this particular day we had Ben's school mascot backpack because it was his weekend with it. Good grief!

This is Ms. Sara. She is actually the teacher for the next room up but we know her well from Ben's days in her classroom (and she is also a friend of a friend).

It was super hard leaving Olivia, even though I'd been back to work for a week and a half already while Mom was home with her. But leaving her at daycare was just much harder. Not that I worried. I know she is in excellent hands there. But she's my baby. My last baby. I may have cried.

Then it was time to take Ben to his classroom. Our routine is to set him up with breakfast before I head out.

Then I went back to Liv's room to check on her one last time. She was totally fine, of course. But it helped me to see her content and enjoying the new scenery.

That evening when I picked her up, they presented me with this to commemorate her first day. Aw.

She adjusted with no issues. She still naps sporadically but she loves the other kids and the activities and is her happy, smiling self for them.

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  1. hey, you were back to work 2 and a half weeks before Liv went to day care. I enjoyed playing nanny grammy the whole time.