Sunday, June 16, 2013

Girls' Day Out

Mom arrived a week before my maternity leave ended so that us three girls could hang out a bit before I returned to work. On one of those days, we headed off to Ikea, just us girls. Because Ikea is not much fun with a man along, and even less fun with Ben in toe.

But Olivia was a trooper, which gives me hope that one day she will love shopping and we can have many mommy/daughter shopping dates.

But before we could get down to the business of shopping, we had to get down to the business of eating. She decided she was hungry as soon as we arrived. 45 minutes later she was fed, changed and finally ready to shop.

After Ikea, we grabbed lunch at Panera Bread...where mom discovered that Olivia was not strapped into her car seat. I felt so BAD! After changing her at Ikea, I put her in the car seat and we decided I didn't need to strap her in. But then we put a blanket over her and I completely forgot that she was not strapped in during the bustle to load up the car. Ben is 3 yrs 4 months and I have never once EVER forgotten to buckle him in. Poor Olivia was only 11 weeks old when I did it to her. Sorry Livvie. Mommy loves you.

Thank goodness Gammy was driving that day and is a safe driver. Olivia made it to Panera Bread unscathed, and you can bet I double-check that car seat every time now.


  1. Jay, we've totally all done that or similar! With the brain fog of motherhood it's a miracle any child survives infancy!

  2. I love that Livvie and I have the same hair look in pic 3. Her flip is on top and mine is at the bottom back. We really are besties!

  3. HAHAHA That's hilarious Jaysa. Been there done that. However, Panera is so close to IKEA that you really shouldn't feel too bad!! :) It's right across the darn parking lot!

  4. Well, except that we went to the Panera on 59/95th. So yeah, long drive.