Friday, June 21, 2013

Another Last Trip to Portillos

Before Mom headed back to Texas, she requested one last trip to Portillo's. It's kind of a tradition.

Ben went with his usual spaghetti and meatball kid's meal. And ate it in his usual fashion.

Mike went with his usual double cheeseburger. And ate it with his usual speed.

In a surprising turn of events, Mom strayed from her beloved wet beef and went with something completely new. Fettuccine Carbonara, I believe. She gave it a thumbs up.

She put the chicken and some pasta on a plate for Mike, just in case...

It didn't take long before he was digging in.

I don't have a usual at Portillo's, but this night I went with a chicken ceasar salad. With a side of cheese fries. (Darn you Jenn for getting me hooked on these!)

It is hard to make out in these awesome (as usual) shots Mike got, but I got my hair cut the day before. It is now just at my shoulders. (I'm all about anything that shortens the time it takes me to get ready these days.)

Mom looking anything but pleased with my shenanigans. Though I do not recall what I was doing or saying.

Mike eating stolen food from Ben. He stole from all of us; mom's pasta, my cheese fries, Ben's spaghetti. If Liv had had a bottle, he'd probably have downed that too.

But she slept through it. Baby feet! So cute.


  1. Poor Livvie is just not photogenic, even her feet! I remember how cute they looked in person and they look so much bigger in the photo. She must take after me, cuz I'm sure I'm soooo much cuter in person than these pictures show! What a sourpuss.

  2. P.S. I think I was cussing myself mentally for not getting the wet beef! that definitely looks like my "I shoulda had a beef" face.

  3. Sigh. I am saddened and ashamed that I started the cheese fry thing. I want to be the one that starts healthy trends, not unhealthy (albeit delicious) cheese laden potato ones!