Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bath Time

Bath night at the Tammaro's...

Liv was first up.

 Fresh from the bath and looking adorable!

Ben found some clearance bath toys I'd picked up at Target after Christmas so I told him he could open one. He went with the Toy Story Shaving Kit. (Gammy recently bought him the Toy Story 2 DVD, so he is all about it these days.)

Mike showed Ben the ropes.

While the boys bonded, I got Livvie ready for bed. Nothing better than a baby straight from the bath!

She's really big on eating her hands/arms these days. They are constantly covered in drool.

Which means she is usually in need of another bath 10 minutes after it ends, what with the drool, spit up, poop, and greasy, crazy hair. Oh Livvie Lu!


  1. both kids (or should I say all three of your kids) look adorable in these pictures. Livvie's hair actually looks normal in those ones of her out of the shower. Who knew a little water could work miracles?

  2. aw i just want to eat her up! please bring her over soon!

  3. also your blog design is so cute.
    and her hair is something else!!! :) haha!

  4. The shaving is adorable and wow, her eyes or so big and captivating!