Tuesday, June 12, 2012

River Walk

Mike had a craving for Egg Harbor (a favorite breakfast place) last weekend, so we headed to downtown Naperville for breakfast.

We promised Ben he could see the duckies at the river walk afterwards. Here he and Dada are watching the ducks swim by.

Then we went exploring. Ben loved splashing around in this fountain.

And climbing these steps and chasing Dada. After a few minutes playing, they headed off. Hey, thanks for waiting for me guys!


  1. Is he wearing some new Keens?

  2. count me in for Egg Harbor! Ben sitting next to Mike is adorable. Guess he's finally becomming a Daddy's Boy?

  3. I was just going to comment on how cute the sandals were, I see Jaimee noticed them, too! Cute summer kicks, Ben!

  4. Yes those are his new Keen sandals. He got a pair of gym shoes too. Both are super cute and holding up fabulously. Thanks for the recommendation, Jaimee!