Monday, June 11, 2012

Memorial Day

On the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, it was almsot 100 degrees. That meant it was time to break out the kiddie pool I picked up on clearance last fall.

Dada got to work inflating it. But Ben had to help, of course. He was actually a pretty good helper.

Once the pool was inflated, Ben hopped in to "help" fill it, which basically just means he wanted to play with the hose.

Not sure what I'm doing here?

Or here? Side note: Ben picked this hat out himself the day before while we were shopping. 

After Ben went down for a nap, Mike took a turn. In his shorts. With a cigar. And his clothes strewn about the yard. Class act.

We broke out the sprinkler later too. Ben loved it, but he did his best to stay as far to the side as possible.

Planning his best approach to get through the sprinkler unscathed.

Discussing his strategy with Denise.

Plan in action.
After all that effort and heat, we went inside to cool off and relax. Brad and Denise were subjected to a lot of the Three Little Pigs movie. "Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf" will never leave our heads.

And we capped it off with some relaxation before bed. It was quite a day!


  1. That picture of him lounging on his Cars towel next to Denise is ADORABLE. Love the arms behind the head.

  2. hahaha...looks like "Dada" might have had a few brewski's too!

  3. Your husband is hilarious and your son is adorable!