Saturday, June 9, 2012

Big Bin of Balls

I keep a big bin of balls in the playroom, on the top shelf where little hands can't dump them out all over and make a huge mess. But the other night Ben noticed them and asked me to take them down. I told him no, it was bed time, but maybe tomorrow. I assumed he'd forget all about it. Nope, the next day after daycare he immediately came in and asked for those balls. A promise is a promise. But I thought putting them in the pool outside might help contain the mess. Big hit!

In addition to the balls, he also brought the bin itself into the pool. And then climbed in. And as you can see, he decided shorts were not needed in the pool. Just be grateful he didn't insist I play in there without my pants too; that's not something anyone wants to see.

I think he was doing peek-a-boo here...?

And would you believe me if I told you that while we were playing in these balls, two horses ran down Eola Rd. without anyone riding them but with their own police escort? Yeah, that happened. Unfortunately we were both too surprised to think to get a picture.


  1. Good times, good that your pajama pants I see?

  2. We will definitely have to reprise the big bin of balls on my visit!