Monday, June 25, 2012

Brookfield Zoo

Last year we had a great time at the zoo, except for the heat. So this year we decided to go earlier in the year. It was a beautiful day to be at the zoo. Nana joined us this year too!

Watching the monkeys.

The Petting Zoo.

You can tell from the number of pictures that the petting zoo was a favorite. The highlight of the day was the polar bear though, who was super playful and entertaining when we were visiting him. Unfortunately it was packed and I couldn't get a picture.

Goldfish snack on Dada's shoulders.
After a fun day at the zoo, Nana bought Ben a stuffed animal. After they investigated all the options, Ben settled on a tiger.

While they looked at the stuffed animals, I snapped this picture. Which was a bad idea. Because then Mike decided he should take a few pictures. And we all know how great those turn out.

Exhibit A:
Exhibit B:
Exhibit C:
Exhibit D:

And with this "action shot" of me applying chap stick, I could rest my case.

But there are more...

Really, Mike? Really?

I got the camera back as Ben helped Nana pay.

Ben's new best friend!

On our way out, this car captured Ben's attention.

And on that note, it was off to a quick lunch and a nap! See you next year, Brookfield Zoo!


  1. Forget Brad -- Mike is the real photographer of the family.

  2. At least Mike takes pics of you. When Rich gets ahold of the camera he is suddenly very artsy, and I end up with about 2 gb of shots of close-ups of the condensation on his frappucino cup in reverse image. I just wonder if he thinks someday I will be in my rocker on the porch, and turn to him and say, "remember when you had that coconut mocha frappucino and it started to melt and water was dripping down the side of the cup? I sure wish I could see that again...." Sigh.