Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Liv at 3

Here is a glimpse at what this crazy, sweet girl is like at 3 years old. She has a strong penchant for mischief. But she is so cute that you can't help but laugh. She is definitely a fearless, wild child. Always on the go, never sitting still, endless energy...

LOVES: (odd how these almost all start with the letter B)
- Bags. She is a totally bag lady, toting a million things with her everywhere.
- Blankets. Again, she likes to bring several of them everywhere we go.
- Binkies. We have her down to just using them at bedtime, but she is still really needy with them. We need to be done with these completely soon.
- Babies. She loves her baby dolls. She likes to fold blankets up as pillows for them and make them beds. She hugs them to her and makes a crying noise and tells me "baby sad; me make baby better" and then rocks her baby.
- Brushing my hair. And making me a "pony."
- Big girl bed. Which is still a mattress on the floor that she rolls out of often.
- Foods: Starburst, Chicken in a Biscuit crackers, juice, berries, watermelon. She's not a big eater though.
- Favorite Color: Purple

- Spaghetti-Os. Ben loves these. I made them one night for dinner and gave her a bowl. She threw them up in the sink. No joke.
- Being told no. But doesn't every 3 year old hate this. :-)

- Size 8 shoes
- Size 3T tops
- Size 2T or 3T bottoms
- 29 pounds (I think--her well visit is in a few weeks.)
- Almost potty trained! She asks to go or just goes and uses the potty herself 90% of the time. But if she is not in the mood or busy, she will go in her pull-up. She wears undies over her pull-up every day and loves her undies so much. We need a weekend where we have no plans to just take off the pull-ups and give it a serious go. I think she is ready and would do well.


  1. she's a cutie. Loving that she is such a baby doll person with her dollies. You forgot smart as a whip as I have never seen anyone get anything passed her.

    1. That is true. She doesn't miss a thing. Very inquisitive. But also such a trouble-marker (in a sweet way).

  2. Henry weighs slightly more than Liv and wears the same size clothes. She is a delicate flower or he is a moose.

    1. My children are moose as well! Reese is not even 4.5 & weighs 45# YIKES! She was 39# on her third birthday. Happy Birthday, Livvie!