Monday, March 21, 2016

Birthday Parties

I didn't get many pictures of the kids' birthday celebrations, which is weird because there were a ton. But here are a few that I did get.

Celebration #1 - Dinner of his choice, cake, and presents at home on his actual birthday, since it was a weeknight.

Celebration #2 - Ben's friends party at Bouncetown that weekend.

Celebration #3: Family party for both kids at our house.

Celebration #4: Liv's actual birthday with dinner, cake and presents.

We hung up streamers the night before their bdays so that they woke up to this when they opened the door. I did it for Ben too but forgot to get a picture. Big hit with the kiddos!

Ben helped her put together her Duplo Lego set. She was thrilled!

Phew, that was a lot of partying. I'm glad we've got a year to recover. 


  1. They are lucky to have birthdays so close together. It does seem like one big happy celebration from mid-feb to early-mar. Love all the shy pics of Livvie. You can really see her crazy personality come through.

  2. Yes, it is nice to be able to do one family party for both kids. Yeah, my shy little flower. :-)

  3. Aww, happy birthdays Ben & Olivia!!!