Monday, December 14, 2015

Holiday Concert

Saturday we attended Ben's holiday concert for Creative World. Kids don't participate until they are 3, so Liv missed the cutoff this year. But next year, she will be up there too! 

I think she is ready to get up there--she sat mesmerized for a bit, with her baby doll and her My Little Pony blanket that she insists on taking everywhere.

And danced and studied the program too.

But after about 30 minutes, her interest started to wane. Snacks to the rescue!

Because Ben is one of the older classes at Creative World, he was near the end. I was very impressed at how nicely Liv behaved. Last year was a very different story.

Finally, it was time for Ben's class to take the stage! He came out without the adorable Christmas sweater that I bought him just for this show. It was 60 degrees out (crazy weather here lately), and he was too hot. Oh well, I tried.

Ben did an awesome job as usual! 

After his performance, we went to collect him. The kids sat for a quick picture together. Such cutie pies!

Here are the videos of his songs:

Santa Claus Is Coming to Town:

All I Want for Christmas:



  1. I'm not sure if everyone was singing the same song, but it was adorable none the less!