Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas Around the House

I always love Christmas decorating, and this year the kids are really into it too, so it is super fun. That said, I didn't feel like going all out. I put up about half of what we have, and the rest I'm going to donate.

We always put up the tree the day after Thanksgiving. Mike had to work that day, so we waited until evening but still got it up. 

I let the kids put on all the ornaments with mixed success. Ben put them all front and center at his eye level, except Batman, which he had Mike lift him up to put on the top to "watch out for us." Every time I'd hand Liv an ornament, she'd ooh and ahh over it, and then put it in her "purse" to keep. Typical Livvie--so cute.

We also decorated the mantel with garland and stockings.

I picked up a few new pillows too. This one is from Target. As is the one below it for the playroom.

This one I LOVE, from Pottery Barn.

The Christmas cards are starting to roll in. This year the card tree is in the family room.

In the entryway, my pointsettia. Still living after 2 weeks! And chalkboard with a few decorations.

In the dining room we have garland, where our elf, Smartie, is hanging out today. Oh my goodness do the kids love finding his hiding spot every morning. 

I have all but one present bought and wrapped. And the last one is just a giftcard, easy peasy. These are Ben and Liv's teacher gifts--we got them each a pack of Sharpies (a huge hit last year and you can always find amazing sales on them this time of year), a Target gift card, and these little Rudolph candy cups (Pinterest). Ben and I whipped them up today while he was home sick (although not really sick anymore but we were being safe).

My new chalkboard got some love. I've been practicing my skills but don't have the patience for anything very impressive.

In the kitchen we've got the candy advent calendars, the Santa coutdown hanging, and a little free art print in the top frame. Other than some holiday towels and a jar of candy, there is not too much going on in the kitchen.

I also got this new printable for $5. You can't tell but it's 16x20. Obviously I struggled to get a good pic due to the bad lighting (and my bad skills).

In the kids' rooms, we have mini trees and baby trees. I couldn't resist the mini battery-operated trees at Target. Very pretty at night with the lights out.

And last but not least, this cute sign from the target dollar spot hanging on the inside of our front door.

Merry Christmas!!!


  1. Aww, looks so cozy! I put teacher gifts together today, but I love the idea of a pack of Sharpies.. I may just have to hit Target on my way home tomorrow & throw them in as an addition. I did a Target gift card too, a Ball jar of cookies/turtle candies I quickly made & a pic of each kid that I used as the card. Easy peasy!

    1. I'm sure the teachers will love it. The sharpies are always a hit. I actually had a past teacher give me a sharpie coupon because she loved that gift so much and was hoping I was doing it again for this year's teachers. I find the best prices on Amazon, usually.

  2. You are so festive! I love that Liv wanted all the ornaments in her purse and Ben wanted Batman up high.

    That PB pillow is super cute, but begs the question: How often is everything calm in your house? :-)

    1. Yeah, pretty cute. Their response to the ornaments was very keeping in line with their personalities.

      As for calm--pretty much never. But a girl can dream. After the kids go to bed, the dining room is lovely with the string of lights and cute decorations and NO toys. I sit in there and pretend. ;-)