Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Chandelier Makeover

As I slowly work toward fixing up our dining room, I've had my eye on this Pottery Barn chandelier. I was telling my mom about it and she said I should just try fixing up my existing chandelier before I spent $500+ on a new one. 

Here is the before. Not awful but so ho-hum.

I took off the globes, replaced the bulbs with these vintage bulbs, and Mom brought me some flat black chalk paint on her next visit and we got to work.

The night before she left, Mom slapped a coat of paint on half the chandelier, and then headed out. Thanks Mom! We lived with the table in the entry and a drop cloth in the dining room for about a month while I slowly but surely finished it up. Here it is now! (Not the chandy of my dreams, but soooo much better and cheap!)

It doesn't look like it would be that hard to paint, but the top where all the arms come together is extremely narrow. Even a thin brush barely fit. And then I had to do the chain, which was tricky too. I was too uncertain of how to unwire the thing to take it down, so I painted it as it was. But it would have been much easier to take it down and spray paint if you know how to manage the wiring.

What's left in this room? Painting the trim and molding white, putting in board and batten below the chair rail, and adding a buffet if I can find one that is narrow enough or a corner unit.

She's come a long way!


  1. The work you've done has really improved the whole house. Would be a hoot if you would add pictures of the original room with its great "Tuscan" look. And, if you do, change your picture size to large please. Just hover over the pictures and it will give you an option.

    1. I looked for some "befores" but I think I have to dig out my photo CDs to find them.

  2. nice job!!!!
    love it and great makeover!

  3. Great job; looks awesome & you saved yourself $500!!