Thursday, November 19, 2015

Around the House

A long while back Mom picked up these gems at a garage sale and then decided that they didn't work with her tables, for whatever reason. Knowing I was in need of kitchen chairs, she brought them to me. They sat in our basement for a long while until I finally got a chance to pull out a few and spruce them up.


The seat cover was really stained and dirty--gross!


I used white satin spray paint and recovered the cushions using a fabric shower curtain from World Market. I am not 100% sold on the fabric, but for now it is certainly much better. I also sprayed the cushions with a fabric protector to help with the little jam hands around here. :-)

Since I had the spray paint out, I gave our previously black PB candle holders a little love. The black was too dark against the navy wall. Much better! I used white again for these, but went with a gloss finish instead of satin.

I also found this pouf on clearance at Target! It works great with this chair. I only wish they'd had two because we have two of these chairs. Eventually I'll prob buy two matching poufs/ottomans for these chairs and move this one to go with the office chair. Meanwhile, Ben really enjoys jumping off it.

Last but not least, on a whim I decided to go ahead and make the oversized chalkboard for the dining room. I was in Home Depot for more spray paint when I saw the prefinished 2x4 chalkboard ($10!). So I picked up 2 boards and had them cut down. I liked the look of these rustic, weathered boards. I just screwed the boards to the chalkboard, and we were in business.

This is the closest to the true color.

But in this one you can see the problem--when they cut the boards, the finish chipped off on the ends. No bueno.

I hung it anyway and it was a big hit with all! Mike and Ben both drew turkeys on the board, so Liv wanted in on the fun--she just scribbled all over. (Where are her pants? Great question.)

Later that week I went to Home Depot in search of a stain to match so that I could fix the chips. It looked like a perfect match from the can, but when it went on it was much too gray. All I could do was cover all the boards in it.

Now it almost matches the wall color. Not sure if I like the minimalist, monotone look or if I need to paint it white or some such. I'm going to live with it a while and then decide.

Clearly my chalkboard lettering needs work.

That's it for now!


  1. love the chalkboard, nice job!!! that was a big project. the chairs look so nice too!

  2. I bought the set for the table. I didn't need chairs as I have too many. You needed chairs and said you'd take some. That's the story on that set of chairs. They look great now though! yea for white.

  3. PS... the table and 6 chairs were $75 for all, so well worth the price.