Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Trouble, Trouble

Liv is a very good girl. And she's happy to tell you so herself: "Me good girl, mama. Me good girl." Yes, she is a good girl. But she is also a very curious and physical girl. She is always testing boundaries and finding mischief. Always needs to be climbing, jumping, stomping, running, crashing, etc. Sitting quietly is not in her repertoire.

Last weekend, I thought I'd take a quick video of the kids playing at the water table. Instead I captured a good example of what it's like hanging with Liv. In less than two minutes she throws her backpack (with a flash light inside it) in the water table, tries to climb in the table (which is a big no-no because she's done this before and we've explained that it is just not safe because the table can tip), and then drinks the dirty water (which she has also done before and been explained not to do). Oh, this kid! So cute and well-intentioned but she seriously wears me out!


  1. I was just talking to Mom about how all three of us got a second child who is more challenging than the first. Thank goodness we all stopped at two. Who knows what #3 could have brought?

  2. # 3 gets you a Jaimee sitting on the game board making her two older sisters cry.

    1. That's Liv, and she's only #2. Imagine what a third would be like--I'd probably end up in an asylum.