Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Office Progress -- After the Purge

After I purged the office and got it organized, I did a few small tweaks to get it how I want it (for the most part).

I've always wanted a cozy chair for the office. I bought this chair in gray but the navy is so beautiful! The navy one was out of stock when I ordered and also would have blended too closely with the blue walls in the office. Otherwise, I'd have waited for the navy.

I told Mike this chair was so that he could come sit and keep me company when I am in here. He laughed. Not about keeping me company but about hanging out in this chair. He doesn't have my vision. :-) (But he has sat on this chair a few times to chat, so I had the last laugh.)

I was able to get rid of one of my shelves after I narrowed down all of our things. (Ignore those unsightly bags on top of the shelf--those are Ben's school supplies that I need to keep out of reach of little hands!)

And we finally assembled and hung this IKEA wall shelf that I bought at least a year ago. Probably longer. I might spray paint the black brackets a fun gold color down the road... And I'd definitely like to paint the desk white. It has a lot of scratches and dings if you look closer. 

And I cannot recommend enough a second monitor if you work from home, even occasionally. I bought this a long while back, but it was a game changer for my Friday work from home days. I am spoiled with two screens at work, so trying to work off my laptop screen was awful. Best $100ish I ever spent!

By the way, technically this desk belongs to Jaimee; she left it here when she moved cross-country years ago. I'm guessing she doesn't want it back at this point... :-) Jaimee, if I'm wrong, let me know before I paint it.

Some of my favorite details in the room. This bright floral clipboard from Target that I hung up on the wall with a command hook. Love the punch of color. And my initial mug to hold pens--also from Target.

The gold dachshund tape holder (also from Target, there's a trend here). It reminds me of Sweet Dee every time I look at it. (That label maker is another love.) And that little green bin is super for keeping our envelopes, stamps, address labels, etc. all in one convenient spot. You guessed it--also from Target, though years ago.

This shelf has a lot of favorites:
  • That art is a gift from Liv on Valentine's Day with her hand print. 
  • The mother and baby figurine was a gift from Nana when Ben was born. 
  • That Pink Magnolia candle (yep, Target again) is the best. Allison and Mike gave me one when Liv was born, and I've been buying them ever since. 
  • And the money jar uses another of my overly large glass jar collection. I just popped a chalk label on it, and Mike and I throw all our spare change in there. I'll let you know how much it holds when we cash it in--we're getting close!!!

Cute little bird figurine (Michaels, not Target--it's a miracle) and a free art print online popped into a frame I had been storing for ages. (And that's a basket with my gift bags in it to the right.)

I sure love labels. These are Martha Stewart labels. I just used our label maker to add labels and tied them on. I have so much space after my purge that I actually have one basket dedicated to all 2 of my cleaners in here (wipes and air spray for the keyboard) and one for spare rolls of tape... It's good to purge!

And that's about it for the office for now. I'd like to get a new desk chair, curtains, and a rug and maybe add some additional art... That'll be down the road, as I have other spaces to focus on . But so much better than what I started with. It's great that I can work in here stress free now!


  1. Hopefully this room is done. I know you tho and you never say done and mean done! Suggest you have Leslie take pictures of Ben and Livvie like she did with Ben and Lily a few years back. Liv seems to be at a real cute stage which should be captured. Then you could put a big picture of them up for art...what could be better?

  2. As I mentioned at the end of the post, I'm definitely not done. Rug, curtains, art. Yes, I was just telling Lesli a few weeks ago that I need updated photos of the kids. I was planning to do so in the fall. (Sept I hope). I feel like I have so much art of the kids so I try to find other stuff, but there are no pics of the kids in this room--so I guess I can go for it! :-)

  3. Looks fantastic; must be wonderful to work in a organized, clutter-free space! And I'm so glad you liked the candle we picked for you, what a nice shout-out!!