Sunday, August 2, 2015

Nana and Papa's Pool

We had the rainiest June in the record books, but July has been a little dryer, and we finally got a warm, dry day to visit Nana and Papa and enjoy their pool.

After watching Dad dive off the board, Liv thought she'd give it a go. She walked to the edge but chickened out before jumping. She did jump to me from the edge of the pool though.

Ben wouldn't go off the diving board either, but he jumped off the side as well.

The shallow end was more Liv's speed. She really liked climbing the steps.

Nana bought the kids all these great floats, but Liv went in two for about two minutes and Ben used one for about five minutes. Kids!

This little guy slept through most of the pool time, then woke up hungry. By the time he was pool-ready, the day was winding down. So he never did get that swim in. :-(

But milk trumps pool.

The kids' dug into dinner as well. Spaghetti and meatballs from Roseangela's. Mmmm.

Theo was in a very mellow mood and spent most of the time lounging in his chair.

Liv LOVES babies. She can't say Theo, so it comes out "baby do-do." Not the best nickname.

Ben is not really into babies. He was REALLY into the pool. We had to drag him out when it was time to leave that night. And that was after what I dramatically refer to as his near-drowning. He's now tall enough to walk in the shallow end. But he accidentally got too close to the drop off for the deep end and lost his footing. I turned around to see him flailing under water and quickly scooped him up (while holding Liv). It was just a few seconds but it scared the crap out of me! I will NEVER forget the sheer panic on Ben's face when I pulled him up. But literally 1 minute later he was "swimming" again. Time for some more swim lessons.

Liv enjoyed watching Ben's antics. I love how she wore Ben's goggles around her neck all day. She never wore them but never took them off.

Hmm, I think your days in this seat are done, Livvie Lu.

These two! Just hanging out pool side, chatting. :-)


  1. Thank you for the look at your day at the pool. Bill loved the pictures of Ben eating that big bowl of spaghetti. What a bite! And Liv's goggle necklace cracked me up.

    1. The goggles--I know! So adorable. She loves to carry or wear random things around. If they are actually Ben's, all the better! So cute.