Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Creative World had a "princess and super hero day" last week. Ben wore his Batman costume, but we don't have a super hero costume that fits Liv. I found out about the dress up day the night before, so I had to scramble.

I rummaged through her stuff and found this little leotard with tutu that Mom picked up for Liv at a garage sale. Now, Liv is a tomboy but she absolutely LOVED wearing this to school.

Notice the shoes she has on? I tried to get her to wear these pink ones with silver glitter. Nope. She insisted on her old grubby tennies with this outfit.

Then this tomboy also insisted on helping us carry in the recycling bins on our way out. Yep, that's my girl!


  1. Those chubby little knees are so cute. She looks like she's a good helper...lucky you!

    1. When you try to help Liv put on her shoes (or do anything, really), she puts up her hand as if to shove you away and tells me "No, no mama. Me do! Me do!"

      And yes, those chubby knees get me every time. And it's funny because she is really a small little thing--not chubby. But for some reason those knees look chubby.

  2. I agree, the chubby knees are to die for!!