Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Holiday Concert

Two weekend ago, Ben's class performed in Creative World's Holiday Concert. He was so excited that he got us up at 5:45 a.m. The concert didn't start until 10. His class did a great job and Ben really loved it.

I tried to get a cute shot of the kids together in front of the tree, but Liv had other ideas.

Even when Ben tried to hold her in place. :-)

Ben's class didn't go on until 10:45, and by then Liv had about had it. She hung in there better than expected. But since the show was right at her nap time, we took two cars, and Mike headed out with Liv as soon as Ben's performance was done.

His class did three songs. The last one was their best, so here it is. Ben's quite the saxophone player.

I stuck around to finish out the show, collect Ben, and then have lunch with his friend Logan (below) and his family. This is Ben's best little buddy. We've had him over for sleepover, and we've had a few dinners and play dates together.

(That's a batman sticker on Ben's hand and a batman coloring page he's holding. This is how they kept the kids entertained for an our backstage.)

Happy Holidays!


  1. an adorable display of talent by Ben and kids, and quite an energenic dance by the Christmas tree.

  2. I'm with Mom -- the Christmas tree really stole the show.